5 easy ways to celebrate Neighbour Day on 31st March

Neighbour Day is Australia’s annual celebration of community, encouraging people to connect with those who live in their neighbourhood.

We’ve come up with 5 easy ways for you to celebrate with your neighbours.

1. Host a bbq

The great Australian tradition, there is nothing like bonding over good food. Encourage everyone to bring a dish and you’ll have a full feast in no time!


2. Invite them over for a cuppa

Great conversations can happen over a cup of tea or coffee. A debrief with your neighbour over a cuppa can benefit you both.


3. Write them a note or letter

Has your neighbour helped you out with something in the past? Write them a short letter or note letting them know how you appreciated it.


4. Use your local park

The territory is lucky enough to have some great parks around. Invite some neighbours down to the park for a picnic or ask them to bring the kids for a playdate at the playground.


5. Have a chat at the fence

A quick catch up can go a long way when someone is feeling lonely. Chat in the front yard, this way other neighbours are encouraged to join in.


For more information about neighbour day, visit the neighbour day website.